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Our Values

Our Values shape our Future

Our values were established sixty-two years ago, and they continue to guide our actions today as we work toward our Vision:


Quality & Price

We live up to the standards and expectations of Our Quality Policy, penned under the direction of Perlou's Processing. We shall produce products and provide services at all times that meet or exceed the expectations of our customers. We shall not be content to be of equal quality to our competitors.

We strive to provide the "Best Price" to our customers.



We do the right thing for the right reason and always keep our promises.

We guarantee you the "Best Weight" on our poultry products.


We work together as a team to provide the "Best Service" to our customers.


We protect our environment, ensure the well-being of our associates, provide for the welfare of the animals in our care, live up to our civic responsibilities and generate earnings for the future of our company.

Our Aspirations

The company we're striving to become. To our consumers, we want to be the brand that they look for to provide the freshest-tasting, most convenient, better-for-you poultry as well as other products soon to be available. 

To our customers, we want to be their most trusted partner, providing sustainable poultry flocks. To our communities, we want to be a trusted corporate citizen and conscientious steward of the environment. 


To our associates, we want to offer a safe, supportive and healthy environment where people want to work.


We're putting our values to action as we strive to fulfill Our Values, Our Vision and Our Aspirations.

Best Price, Best Weight, Best Service.JP


Aaron Gayah

“Perlou's Poultry is the Starbucks of depots.”


Raymond Ramsaran - Oh My Goodness

“Top of the line customer service, received my order in less than one minute.”


Public Health Inspector

“Immaculately clean, impressive customer service and ideally located.”

Best Price, Weight, Service.JPG
Best Price, Weight, Service.JPG
Best Price, Weight, Service.JPG
Best Price, Weight, Service.JPG
Best Price, Weight, Service.JPG
Best Price, Weight, Service.JPG
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