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Asked Questions

Are chickens fed hormones and steroids?

Hormones and steroids are never given to chickens in any  way. In fact, hormone and steroid use in chickens has been banned, and some steroids and hormones actually stunt the growth of chickens. Broiler chickens are selectively bred to achieve increased growth without the use of steroids and hormones.


Are chickens raised in cages?

None of the chicken you buy are raised in a cage. Chickens are raised in spacious, deep litter pens where they're free to eat, drink, and walk around all they want.

Do fresh chicken contain gluten?

All fresh chicken is gluten free. Gluten found in chicken come from the ingredients used in preparation of the meal.

How long will my products last in the freezer or fridge?

The product you put in your freezer can last for months, although the taste quality deteriorates after 1 to 2 weeks. It is important to spread out your purchased chicken in your freezer, as most freezers cool by air convection rather than cold conduction as with ice.

Can I cook my meat from frozen?

We don’t recommend it; it is better to thaw the produce before cooking.

Can I freeze my leftovers?

Yes, once you have cooked the produce and allowed to cool you can then freeze the leftovers.

What does live-weight, 5 pound chicken mean?

A live chicken typically weighs about 5 pounds. However after the 'pluck & gut' process, the weight is generally reduced to 3.5 pounds. After a whole chicken is cut-up, the weight drops by another .25 to 0.5 pounds, depending if the chicken is also skinned or roasted. For example, a skinned, 5 pound, cut-up chicken will weigh approximately 3 pounds. For chickens 6 pounds and higher, up to 2.5 pounds may be trimmed off depending on the style of the cut.

What makes white meat, white?

White meat contains about 10% red fibres, for example the breast. This part of the chicken is lean and mild in flavour, and dries out easily if over cooked. Dark meat chicken contains around 50% fibres and is found in chicken legs which are more juicy and flavourful, and can be cooked longer.

How can I expect the product to be packaged?

We ensure our product is properly packaged, double bagged when necessary, with no leakages or piercings. We sell ice and therefore encourage customers to add such to your chicken if you are travelling to remote locations.

I can’t see the cut I’m looking for, can you help?

Yes no problem we’d be happy to help. Give us a call on (868) 313-2227 and let us know what you’re after.

How do you weigh orders?


Weighing is done digitally to ensure that all customers receive value for their money. Chickens are sold according to live weight and also by processed weight (especially for caterers and persons purchasing our 3-combination specials) using a digital scale.

How clean is your surroundings?

Our establishment is completely tiled. In addition, through the use of stainless steel equipment; we ensure that the environment remains very clean and sanitized.

Do public health officers visit your establishment?

Yes! Public health officers visit our business. We urge them to continue this practice in order to ensure that all industry and public health standards are maintained and adhered to in a consistent manner, especially in the poultry production process.

Are your employees trained in food preparation?

All Perlou employees are trained and versed in food preparation, have undergone medical examinations, attended mandatory Ministry of Health food preparation interventions and, possess food badges as well.

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